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  • flow state

    flow state

    a juxtaposition of adrenaline & tranquility I recently realized I crave adrenaline, and sport was usually my way to fulfill that hole. Sprinting, chasing plastic, dripping sweat in the hot sun,cheering as teammates or opponents make a play. I crave the foot race to an under. Juking out my defender, anticipating my match up and…

  • meet my new friend, kai

    meet my new friend, kai

    kai is my 𝓴𝓪𝓲𝓫𝓲𝓰𝓪𝓷, my ride or… 😶 because to ride is to set your soul free a privilege punctuated by rolling landscapes & green lights as asphalt and rubber burn below. To feel the gentle purr of an idling engine roar to life with the twist of the throttle in turn heightening my pulse on life fingertips to toes pressing earnestly into footpegs leaning, falling into the crook…

  • Watercolour Landscapes

    Watercolour Landscapes

    Inspired by personal photography.

  • Phone booth series

    Phone booth series

    In this series, I document the antiquated infrastructure of public phone booths. They are a microcosm of communication conglomerates, product placement & design – similar, yet subtle differences. It’s fascinating to see this ubiquitous technology fall into disuse, disrepair, transformation, and innovation. The map below marks the approximate locations of each phone booth photographed.

  • Alleyways of Austraya

    Alleyways of Austraya

    Short trip to visit Australia in 2019

  • Revolution vs Black Widows Showcase

    Revolution vs Black Widows Showcase

    Originally written June 3, 2019 as a private journal entry. You could breathe in excitement. Taste it. The chattering. Murmur of hundreds in the stands, locals and internationals alike.The stadium lights spotlit the fields. We are the showcase, we are the entertainment. I remember looking around in awe – that I was here, playing Revolution in…