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  • ACL Club 2023: 1 of 250 000

    ACL Club 2023: 1 of 250 000

    ACL pre-hab: what it feels like and looks like On November 18, 2023, I played an indoor Ultimate tournament on too little sleep, not enough warm-up, and a bit amped up after telling my team “Let’s play better”. I was sprinting down the field and the disc came out behind me. I think to myself,…

  • I’m afraid of injury

    I’m afraid of injury

    I tore my ACL. I’m waiting for an MRI and started rehab.I don’t expect to play sports for months. ⏸️ volleyball, climbing, surfing, snowboarding, and… Ultimate.▶️ rehab, renovations, baking, painting, gliding, and pottery. I have a deep-seated fear of injury.I’ve bailed, quit, and given in when I might be remotely close to the risk of…

  • The sixth, part one: Waves of Inertia

    The sixth, part one: Waves of Inertia

    Part six of Inking stories of my ink. This is the third artist on my body, 3/3 for early career female asian artist. I met Kristin Yip through the Black Widows network, a team of female asian players on a mission to showcase female asian play in Ultimate. This post captures my excitement of playing…

  • Inking stories of my ink.

    Inking stories of my ink.

    A picture holds a thousand words, equally, ink can hold a thousand stories and meanings.Tattoos are stories, icebreakers, and best of all, indelible galleries of art to carry with you through life. I enjoy building pieces to layer onto another, taking inspiration from artists, symbols, events, and philosophies. I’m grateful for the artists who brought…

  • Captain reflections

    Captain reflections

    After four years of captaining, I passed on the torch. People ask me, when are preseason scrims? When are tryouts? Which tournaments are you going to? 🤷‍♀️ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ … Here are my reflections after this captaining run with @union_ultimate , culminating in bronze at Ultimate Canada Invitational 2021, gold at Canadian Ultimate Championships 2022, and…

  • Why do I tour v2 (my life mission)

    Why do I tour v2 (my life mission)

    This is my 3rd season as captain of Union. 5th season as a Unionite, 7th season of club, 10+ years of chasing plastic. I’ve had my fair share of highs & lows with Ultimate: achey niggles, training I don’t want to do, and gut wrenching losses. On the flip side, jaw dropping plays, memorable road…