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green apron

Hanging up the Green Apron

The last lattes, the last milk dregs, coffee stains.

The last laughs behind the counter, the last pages of this chapter.


My heart is full for store #4095,

the most kick ass team I’ve known.

You taught me love.

Love is double-barring. Love is delivering a drink.

Love is asking “how are you?”

Love is touch when everything isn’t okay.
Love is… believing in me.


Love is listening to me vent about

the careless spill

the self-entitled that raised their voice

the impatient that threw their change

Thank you, thank you for teaching me

impatience is ugly,

blandness is boring,

skinny is empty.

Bitters in does not have to mean bitters throughout.


To the regulars, the familiar face,

the staple in a sea of shuffling souls

We shared countless sleepy smiles of caffeinated camaraderie

Pervading brevity, conversations evade

A flashing wink sneaks in

the indelible, fleeting moments stained in, permanently.


Lastly, the supernovas whose energy is inspiring nurturing

sharing through sonder

but in and out because

life goes on.


So my friends, this is not a good-bye just a

see you soon

green apron

This was originally posted on social media accounts February 2016. It was a momentous leave for me as I said good bye to a community that I grew a lot with, and good bye to a regular pay check for the first time, haha. I took a gap year in school and spent three months in the Philippines with family and travelling to Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

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