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My first ride

A year off the crotch rocket: I felt nervous. 
I stalled, got honked at, and overtaken. 

Do I even remember how to do this? 
Let’s wiki the controls real quick… where do you put Google maps on this thing? I settled in. 

The chilling wind pushed me and the bike closer 
together until 
we were seamless. 
I started to push the speed but 
everyone speeds in Brampton. 
Still overtaken. 

What’s the point of speed limits? 
Sunday morning, the roads are always quiet. 
A light mist was settling on the fields; the sunrise 
was brushing sparkles everywhere you turned, 
rivaling the colourful autumn forest. 
My favourite part. 

An audible sigh when I parked the bike, and 
I said goodbye until next season. 
Sigh of satisfaction, or relief? 🤔 

Yeah, some “oh shit”s here and there, but a lot more 
“wow”s and breathtaking moments. 
Pure ecstasy. 

Wanna ride together? 🏍 

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