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Author: Alyne Azucena

  • ACL Club 2023: 1 of 250 000

    ACL Club 2023: 1 of 250 000

    ACL pre-hab: what it feels like and looks like On November 18, 2023, I played an indoor Ultimate tournament on too little sleep, not enough warm-up, and a bit amped up after telling my team “Let’s play better”. I was sprinting down the field and the disc came out behind me. I think to myself,…

  • I’m afraid of injury

    I’m afraid of injury

    I tore my ACL. I’m waiting for an MRI and started rehab.I don’t expect to play sports for months. ⏸️ volleyball, climbing, surfing, snowboarding, and… Ultimate.▶️ rehab, renovations, baking, painting, gliding, and pottery. I have a deep-seated fear of injury.I’ve bailed, quit, and given in when I might be remotely close to the risk of…

  • The sixth, part one: Waves of Inertia

    The sixth, part one: Waves of Inertia

    Part six of Inking stories of my ink. This is the third artist on my body, 3/3 for early career female asian artist. I met Kristin Yip through the Black Widows network, a team of female asian players on a mission to showcase female asian play in Ultimate. This post captures my excitement of playing…

  • Inking stories of my ink.

    Inking stories of my ink.

    A picture holds a thousand words, equally, ink can hold a thousand stories and meanings.Tattoos are stories, icebreakers, and best of all, indelible galleries of art to carry with you through life. I enjoy building pieces to layer onto another, taking inspiration from artists, symbols, events, and philosophies. I’m grateful for the artists who brought…

  • Captain reflections

    Captain reflections

    After four years of captaining, I passed on the torch. People ask me, when are preseason scrims? When are tryouts? Which tournaments are you going to? 🤷‍♀️ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ … Here are my reflections after this captaining run with @union_ultimate , culminating in bronze at Ultimate Canada Invitational 2021, gold at Canadian Ultimate Championships 2022, and…

  • Why do I tour v2 (my life mission)

    Why do I tour v2 (my life mission)

    This is my 3rd season as captain of Union. 5th season as a Unionite, 7th season of club, 10+ years of chasing plastic. I’ve had my fair share of highs & lows with Ultimate: achey niggles, training I don’t want to do, and gut wrenching losses. On the flip side, jaw dropping plays, memorable road…

  • flow state

    flow state

    a juxtaposition of adrenaline & tranquility I recently realized I crave adrenaline, and sport was usually my way to fulfill that hole. Sprinting, chasing plastic, dripping sweat in the hot sun,cheering as teammates or opponents make a play. I crave the foot race to an under. Juking out my defender, anticipating my match up and…

  • meet my new friend, kai

    meet my new friend, kai

    kai is my 𝓴𝓪𝓲𝓫𝓲𝓰𝓪𝓷, my ride or… 😶 because to ride is to set your soul free a privilege punctuated by rolling landscapes & green lights as asphalt and rubber burn below. To feel the gentle purr of an idling engine roar to life with the twist of the throttle in turn heightening my pulse on life fingertips to toes pressing earnestly into footpegs leaning, falling into the crook…

  • Watercolour Landscapes

    Watercolour Landscapes

    Inspired by personal photography.

  • Phone booth series

    Phone booth series

    In this series, I document the antiquated infrastructure of public phone booths. They are a microcosm of communication conglomerates, product placement & design – similar, yet subtle differences. It’s fascinating to see this ubiquitous technology fall into disuse, disrepair, transformation, and innovation. The map below marks the approximate locations of each phone booth photographed.