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Author: Alyne Azucena

  • Alleyways of Austraya

    Alleyways of Austraya

    Short trip to visit Australia in 2019

  • Revolution vs Black Widows Showcase

    Revolution vs Black Widows Showcase

    Originally written June 3, 2019 as a private journal entry. You could breathe in excitement. Taste it. The chattering. Murmur of hundreds in the stands, locals and internationals alike.The stadium lights spotlit the fields. We are the showcase, we are the entertainment. I remember looking around in awe – that I was here, playing Revolution in…

  • Canadian Ultimate Championships 2019

    Canadian Ultimate Championships 2019

    Or embracing failure Originally written August 19, 2019 as a journal entry to share with the team. THIS IS IT. Nationals in 3 days. The time to lay it all on the line, what we’ve been building for… every tournament, every throwing session, every training session, every practice, every decision & sacrifice to make ourselves a better competitor, athlete, player & teammate. I am so…

  • International Women’s Day reflection: what is strong? what is bad ass?

    International Women’s Day reflection: what is strong? what is bad ass?

    Originally written March 10, 2020 as a private journal entry. Recently, it was International Women’s Day. I reposted [name removed]’s IWD 2017 project, a gallery of portraits each with a caption on a disc. Mine wrote: We all need feminism because everyone can be strong and bad ass in their own way. Which led my wandering mind to consider: What is strong? What is…

  • her name is Dream

    her name is Dream

    A Dream to ride on long winding roadsalong wave-breaking shores,rippled mountainsides andvalleys A Dream to ridethrough desert canyons,across belts of evergreensto feel rushing winds Or was that my breath left behind? Hold on tight it’s justYou and the open roadand the sun shining bright Hold on tightI don’t know where we’re goingwhere this road leadswhere…

  • Hanging up the Green Apron

    Hanging up the Green Apron

    The last lattes, the last milk dregs, coffee stains. The last laughs behind the counter, the last pages of this chapter.   My heart is full for store #4095, the most kick ass team I’ve known. You taught me love. Love is double-barring. Love is delivering a drink. Love is asking “how are you?” Love…

  • Why do I Tour

    Why do I Tour

    I originally posted this on social media accounts on March 2017. My company, The Ultimate Experience, launched a social media campaign called ‘Why do I tour’ to share stories of the touring aspect of Ultimate. I’m not sure where the term ‘touring Ultimate’ is used, as I found out Americans call it ‘club’ or ‘rep’, Asians call ‘training’…

  • Asian Odyssey

    Asian Odyssey

    Select shots from my 2.5 month trip to southeast Asia in 2016.Spanning Philippines; Bangkok, Thailand; Bali, Indonesia, and Singapore.

  • My first ride

    My first ride

    A year off the crotch rocket: I felt nervous. I stalled, got honked at, and overtaken.  Do I even remember how to do this? Let’s wiki the controls real quick… where do you put Google maps on this thing? I settled in.  The chilling wind pushed me and the bike closer together until we were seamless. I started to push the speed but everyone speeds…

  • European Discovery

    European Discovery

    Select shots from 3-weeks backpacking across Europe in 2017: Portugal; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Paris & Royan, France; London, United Kingdom