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  • The sixth, part one: Waves of Inertia

    The sixth, part one: Waves of Inertia

    Part six of Inking stories of my ink. This is the third artist on my body, 3/3 for early career female asian artist. I met Kristin Yip through the Black Widows network, a team of female asian players on a mission to showcase female asian play in Ultimate. This post captures my excitement of playing…

  • meet my new friend, kai

    meet my new friend, kai

    kai is my 𝓴π“ͺ𝓲𝓫𝓲𝓰π“ͺ𝓷, my ride or… 😢 because to ride is to set your soul free a privilege punctuated by rolling landscapes & green lights as asphalt and rubber burn below. To feel the gentle purr of an idling engine roar to life with the twist of the throttle in turn heightening my pulse on life fingertips to toes pressing earnestly into footpegs leaning, falling into the crook…

  • her name is Dream

    her name is Dream

    A Dream to ride on long winding roadsalong wave-breaking shores,rippled mountainsides andvalleys A Dream to ridethrough desert canyons,across belts of evergreensto feel rushing winds Or was that my breath left behind? Hold on tight it’s justYou and the open roadand the sun shining bright Hold on tightI don’t know where we’re goingwhere this road leadswhere…

  • Hanging up the Green Apron

    Hanging up the Green Apron

    The last lattes, the last milk dregs, coffee stains. The last laughs behind the counter, the last pages of this chapter.   My heart is full for store #4095, the most kick ass team I’ve known. You taught me love. Love is double-barring. Love is delivering a drink. Love is asking β€œhow are you?” Love…

  • My first ride

    My first ride

    A year off the crotch rocket: I felt nervous. I stalled, got honked at, and overtaken.  Do I even remember how to do this? Let’s wiki the controls real quick… where do you put Google maps on this thing? I settled in.  The chilling wind pushed me and the bike closer together until we were seamless. I started to push the speed but everyone speeds…